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Mitesh Soni

Key Profile

  • Certified Business Coach

  • Certified Trainer

  • Chartered Engineer

  • Founder & Principal Trainer of MRH Enterprise, a Training & Development Company since 2016

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  • LinkedIn

Highlights of Educational Background

  • Graduate Mehanical Engineer with 30 years Experience

  • Certified Business Coach from Fearless Academy 

  • Certified Trainer from Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)

  • Member of Institute of Engineers (India) and holding a title of Chartered Engineer

  • Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

Key Expertise

  • Business Coaching for Small Business and Start-ups

  • Stress Management Coaching 

  • Taillor Made Technical Training in area of Mechanical Engineering

  • Transactional Analysis Training

  • Business Process Improvement for MSME

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